My name is Ellie and I’ve been a primary teacher and tutor for more than 20 years. I have been
tutoring through Tutor Room for a year now and love to see the progress children make with not
only their learning, but their increased confidence and engagement when working with a tutor. I
tutor students of primary age up to year 8. I worked as a class teacher, and a specialist reading
intervention teacher in East and West Sussex and in Brighton & Hove. I have been a SENCo
and Assistant Head in large primary schools and my particular interest has always been in
emotional wellbeing and mental health. Because of my experience I often support those with
additional needs and enjoy finding new and exciting ways to make learning fun.

When I’m not tutoring, I work supporting pupils in Brighton helping them navigate their way
through transitions such as the transfer to secondary school or with issues around friendships.

I love swimming in the sea all year round and can often be found on the beach in my bobble hat
with a cup of hot chocolate and a smile on my face. I am a big fan of mystery stories and I am
determined to write my own crime drama one day!