Hi. My name is Izzy and I am an English and Drama tutor. I have taught in mainstream secondary education for 20 years and am now tutoring full time, and loving it. I am also working as an examiner
and as a qualified proof reader, so life is pretty busy!

I offer English Language and English Literature tuition at KS3, GCSE, iGCSE and A Level, as well as creative writing, LAMDA and, of course, anything Drama related. I absolutely love my subjects and
my approach is friendly, enthusiastic and creative.

There is a lot of content involved in GCSE and A Level, and I structure my tuition to address the gaps in my students’ understanding, and then coach them in essay writing, time management in exams, and generally how to achieve their potential in those final exams. This approach drastically reduces exam anxiety and prepares students to be confident and successful. When I’m not working, I love walking with my family and dog, going to the theatre, reading, and working on my own creative writing.